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Game time: around 10 minutes.

The game

Nocturnal Visit is a single-player short PSX horror game made with Unity. This First-person game takes place in an abandoned house, and with its PS1 graphics it creates a unique horror experience.


One late night, you decide to explore this unknown abandoned house hidden in the woods to make an article for your blog. Several rumors say the house is haunted. Your objective/job is to investigate the house to find clues to whether the rumors are real or not.

(For a better experience, use headphones).


W, A, S, DMove
SpaceClose UI

This is the first game we've ever published, we are aware that it's not perfect but we are happy to release it, we hope you enjoy it. And if you want to support our developing journey, consider donating!

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 Sound from Zapsplat.com

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(138 total ratings)
Made withPaint.net, Unity, Audacity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Short, Spooky
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I'm gonna be honest. I see a lot of potential in the developer but the execution of this game was honestly a bit lacklustre.

Don't get me wrong, if you want a short, free, experience I'd suggest giving it a try but you'd get the same experience watching a Youtuber play it.

I liked the overall atmosphere and I'm a sucker for retro-style horror games like this, but it feels a lot more like a demo than a full game. Which is fine because it's free.

To the Dev, keep on making games and getting better at your craft. You have a lot of potential.


EXCELLENT GAME! Loved every second of it! I really enjoyed making the video, and I hope to discover more indie horror games like this moving forward. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for playing!


great game


It was pretty good

The game was fun


Going through my backlog, you should do more horror :) 

Full Play NO Commentary 


It was a scary and short game and I think it was a good game


بازی ترسناک و کوتاهی بود و به نظر من بازی خوبی بود


Nice game buddy

Just played this game and I really enjoyed it! It was a fun short horror experience. I loved the article at the start too lol. Thank you so much for sharing! 

I played this for my YouTube channel, if you're interested in checking it out, click here!

Thanks for playing!


Amazing game with a good scare and multiple scary sounds!


that game is amazing love it


Hello :3 nice game! Much spoop, lil sanity.


Pretty scary game, but I kinda wished it was a bit more scary though... But that's besides the point, I loved the game!


Thanks for the feedback!


The story is frightening and the game is really creepy. I played on my channel :)


This was fun to play and as a first game to release it was well made. Overall a very worth a play game...

(1 edit) (+1)

Played this game on my channel in a 3 Scary Games video! (This game is the 3rd one I play)

Check out MORE SCARY GAMES from me here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFR4a3pInPo6-9YWrL4Pj2szeRIX-_RF-


I really enjoyed this Charming little game, and I'm a fan! cant wait to see more 

he's my Video for your Viewing pleasure let me know what you think! ❤

the game was great i thought that the jumpscare would be very scary but the game was great


incredible work!


The pacing on the game was great. Lots of creaking noises to keep you on edge, and a good ending. 10/10 !

Here is my playthrough if you'd want to give it a watch :)

Incase you missed it, 29:07. This was one of my favourite pixel style horror games I've ever played.
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I played your game in my 3 Games series on Odysee the link is:


Your game starts at 01:22 and I critique it at the end at 28:07.

I unfortunately didn't find it creepy or scary but I think Amnesia The Dark Descent ruined me on that. However I did like the PSX style.


This was a lovely short experience, also I love the page for this game. 

creeped me the heck out, even if the laser light show was a tad wierd, well made. cant wait for more


Really amazing Game! We loved it! It was scary and creepy, that’s what we like! We also find both endings 👌🏻. Keep it up! You have potential! 

Amazing experience love the feel of this


This is so cool, the atmosphere is just like 60's i love this kind of game, congrats! ;D


scary atmospher



Loved exploring the house! 10/10 would make bad horror movie decisions again!


Loved the Alone in the Dark reference <3


Goofy playthrough

Creepy game, First one i played

Run on a poor setup.


awesome game


Nice short game, you really build up the fear of exploring the house, no matter what the game is, venturing into the basement or the attic always comes off as scary.

Great setup & great execution!   Looking forward to playing more games from this Developer!!!

great game but i dont really like the ending


scared the crap out of me!! this game was really good, it was the second one i play and i had a good heart attack playing

I loved the sound design, it was on point and it really hit the anxiety meter just right. Thank you for making this! 1st Game.

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